July 2011 archives

Five Steps to Strategic Visuals

Tweet Stepping up the visual imaging in your editorial and advocacy projects may not be as difficult as you imagine. While some of these may seem like common sense, it is surprising how often they are not commonly practiced. With these simple steps, you will soon be producing vastly more powerful messaging. Begin thinking about […]

Picture This!

Tweet Practical Tips on Powerful Multicultural Imagery in Advertising What makes a strong visual in marketing and advertising campaigns today? As the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once wrote, “I know it when I see it.” (Never mind that he was referring to pornography in a landmark 1964 obscenity case.) For decades, regrettably, any […]

Why Vietnam?

Tweet That is a question I frequently hear after people have experienced a showing of my portfolio, Vietnam Unexpected. They marvel at the country’s vivid colors, rich textures and the vibrant pace of its cities. And I can tell the images open their eyes to new ideas about a faraway place, a place they remember […]

Welcome to Strategic Frames

Tweet Today marks my entry into the blogosphere, even as I wonder if the world really needs to hear from another blogger. But this blog is not an advocacy site or another place for people to bloviate about their political views. There are plenty of places for that. Strategic Frames will be a place for […]