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Today marks my entry into the blogosphere, even as I wonder if the world really needs to hear from another blogger. But this blog is not an advocacy site or another place for people to bloviate about their political views. There are plenty of places for that.

Strategic Frames will be a place for ideas, articles, columns and advice on how to effectively use photography in advocacy and public affairs campaigns. Too often the visuals are added with little thought at the last minute or completely overlooked, a mistake that can undermine an otherwise smart messaging campaign.

In the same way it is not a blog for political junkies, it also is not a photography blog aimed at photographers. To be sure, photographers might learn some things here about what clients want. But my target is folks who purchase photography, whether they use it for advertisements in subway stations, magazines, newspapers, websites and social media or if they’re looking for fine-art prints to make a statement on their workplace or living room wall.

Today’s Content

So let’s get right to it. I think you’ll like the opening volley of treats here, maybe enough to Tweet a friend. Or, if you really, really like Strategic Frames, you could say so on Facebook. Here’s some of the opening features:

  • On The Blog: You’ll find a short but helpful piece with steps you can take now to improve the visual imaging in your work. It doesn’t always take money, as good planning and communication can take you a long way.
  • Guest Article: Washington DC public relations wunderkind Bob Witeck tells us how important it is to get the imagery right when appealing to multicultural audiences. Witeck has been advising Blue Chip companies for years on how to win the business and loyalty of LGBT audiences and shares his insights on appealing to valuable niche markets.
  • My Article: After seeing my Vietnam portfolio, many viewers ask, “Why Vietnam?” I explain in this article how the war intersected with my personal experience to motivate me through this six-year project, which I call, Vietnam Unexpected.

Let’s Hear from You

This is a blog, so let’s hear from you, too. Feel free comment here, Tweet and otherwise offer your own insights and ideas. In the months ahead, I hope to offer a variety of content, including guest articles, case studies and an occasional piece on my own photography.

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