September 2011 archives

Some Final Thoughts and Images

Tweet                     Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Photography by Khoa Tran At some point early in this photo shooting trip, my able assistant, Saigon photographer Khoa Tran, half-jokingly told me his primary responsibility on our journey “…is to keep you from getting killed.” Happily, Khoa did […]

Eating in Vietnam and the Fowl Business of the Duck Works

Tweet                           Hai Phong, Vietnam Eating in Vietnam, like many third world countries, can be an adventure. A diet forged by times of shortages and serious hunger, this is a country where people eat anything that wiggles, crawls or moves. I’ve seen dog, […]

Workin’ at the Motorbike Wash

Tweet     Hanoi, Vietnam Ooh, ooh You might not ever get rich But let me tell ya It’s better than diggin’ a ditch There ain’t no tellin’ who you might meet A movie star or maybe even a Indian Chief Workin’ at the car wash Workin’ at the car wash, girl Come on and […]

A Day at the Bull Races: Just Pure Fun!

Tweet                           Tri Ton, Vietnam Some photo shoots are just plain fun. That was the case here in Tri Ton, Vietnam, a small Mekong village hugging the Cambodian border. On a track flooded with several inches of monsoon rain and several more inches […]

Legacies of War

Tweet                           Da Nang, Vietnam Ever since I started my Vietnam photo project in 2005, I have avoided making the focal point the Vietnam War. This body of work is not about rehashing America’s involvement in Southeast Asia. There are plenty of books […]

The Little Gangsters from Hanoi

Tweet                       Tu Le, Vietnam Jay Maisel, one of the great living masters of color photography, is known for always carrying a camera no matter where he goes. And he offers students and other photographers some words of wisdom about his habit: “I don’t understand […]

A Photography Legend?

Tweet                       Sapa, Vietnam I think I am becoming something of a legend in Vietnam photographic circles. Unfortunately, it is not for my images. It is because I keep falling off rice paddies. The first fall came in 2008. I was climbing up a wet […]

The New Face(book) of Vietnam

Tweet                     Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Everyone knows that social networking is reshaping the planet. And there are countless stories about how social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others are creating social change, communities where none previously existed and even sparking revolutions. This is an […]

Go Play in the Traffic!

Tweet                                         Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ever since I started photographing Vietnam in 2005, I’ve been trying to capture an image that would tell the story of the massive numbers of motorbikes that clog Ho […]

The Essence of Place

Tweet                     Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Today I am quickly re-introduced to the essence of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon. I just hope I can do it justice and capture the character, mood and culture of this place in my images. On all of […]