Using Photography to Show Your Group’s Passion

Students, some wearing school colors, check-in at ACPA’s NextGen student conference.



Louisville, Ky.

I am happy to be photo shooting this week for a great organization that makes it possible for so many college students to be successful in student life, academics and ultimately in earning a diploma — the American College Personnel Association.

You might think that a professional association’s annual conference would be kinda boring, unless it was your own. But ACPA’s meeting is all about helping students and

It didn’t take long before students to find something in common and start getting acquainted.

provides an opportunity to use photography to help illustrate the important work the organization’s university administrators, faculty and student affairs officers do at about 1,200 private and public institutions.

Just check out the images from ACPA’s NextGen conference, a two day-event held during the convention for students who want to enter the student affairs profession. Their energy comes through in the photos and shows how an organization can tell its story in a way that is energizing to its members, supporters and donors.

The organizers and staff gave students a warm welcome and encouragement as the conference opened.

Students came to the conference from universities throughout the country.

Bagels, Diet Pepsi and an Internet connection…what more could a student conference need?

Breaks provided an opportunity to prep for the next session or catch a few winks.



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