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“Beauty, intrigue and emotion can be found in every person. Seeing it and composing it is what separates the selfie from the portrait.”

Meet Darko, in the photo below-right, the latest subject to bloom in The Portrait Garden.

Darko immigrated to the United States from Serbia a couple of years ago. He’s living in the Washington, D.C., area pursuing the American Dream, which includes a part-time career as a model. As you can see, with his handsome looks and riveting blue eyes, he’s going to be getting plenty of work.

And that leaves you to ask, “What is The Portrait Garden?”

Let me explain.

About a year ago, I decided to sell my condo here in Washington where I had lived for 10 years. Because the Washington real estate market is so hot, I was able to sell my unit without even listing it. The buyer was willing to pay extra to get a quick closing and move-in date.

So, I had to quickly find a place to live. I settled on a rental condo nearby my old place. But it leaves a lot to be desired. It is on the basement/terrace level and is small and dark. I figured I could stay here a year and give some thought to where I wanted to live and create some studio space.

But it didn’t take long for me to discover my temporary place came with a magical surprise. My apartment has a private, outdoor terrace. The terrace is one floor below street level, which means it catches beautiful reflected light during significant portions of the day. It also has a lengthy wall covered by ivy, which makes an incredibly beautiful background.

I did a photo shoot with my first model, a striking young man from Moscow, right after I moved in. I could see right away I had stumbled into a great photo shooting space. In recent months, I have photographed many models, individual portrait subjects and executives in this space.

The results have been stunning, enough so that I’ve decided to stay in this condo for an extended period. And I’ve decided this terrace that yields such awesome photos should have a name. That’s how I came up with The Portrait Garden.

Beauty, intrigue and emotion can be found in every person. Seeing it and composing it is what separates the selfie from the portrait. And I want to help more clients create a wonderful piece of art that they can display proudly in their home, give as a gift to a loved one and create a beautiful historical record of themselves that will be treasured by their children and grand children.

So, I want to invite you to a free photo session in The Portrait Garden. That’s right, a photo shoot at no charge. This is a new pricing plan I have introduced with the development of The Portrait Garden. Your photo shoot is free and you only pay for the deliverables, such as digital files and prints, which you purchase after the session. Print and digital file packages start at $450.

Call or email today to get more details and schedule a visit to The Portrait Garden.

Phone: 202-986-1758


Not all executive portraits have to be super serious. A little levity is a good thing.

Ilya Ricci, a model from Moscow, was the first subject to be photographed in The Portrait Garden.

Camilo’s rich ethnic heritage and Colombia roots make him an intriguing portrait subject.

I don’t require that all my models are ripped. But it’s nice when it turns out that way.

Images from The Portrait Garden work well in color or black-and-white.


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