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A fall storm moves across the high desert plain near Taos

Dear Friends:

This week, like many Americans, I’ve been watching television coverage of the Las Vegas shootings. Like you, I am heartbroken.

And from Las Vegas, the news coverage shifts to the desperation of people in Puerto Rico.

More than once, it’s all literally brought me to tears. I cannot forget many of the Las Vegas survivors who were heroes in the face of grave danger, including one man who described how guilty he felt about having survived and questioned whether he had helped enough people during the shooting.

I have been asking myself a similar, question: How can I help? Ever since Houstonians found themselves under six feet of water I have wanted to do something. Then came hurricanes for Florida and Puerto Rico. And now there is the heart-breaking tragedy in Las Vegas.

Today, it finally hit me. I could leverage my portfolio of fine art photographic prints to raise relief funds to support victims of both the hurricanes and the massacre in Las Vegas. I just need some help from friends and fans like you.

It’s very simple: If you want to participate, just use the link here, and you can see the prints available on my website. The site is fully e-commerce capable and you can conveniently order your print there.

Will you help me help our fellow Americans? Just click here!

Please do check-out the prints — these are some of my favorite images. They come from four portfolios, including beautiful color images from my book, Vietnam 40 Years Later; dramatic landscapes from the Southwest; Washington DC icons, and some lovely male portraiture and body figures.

Keep in mind that my prints from Vietnam were acquired by the Library of Congress, which means you can collect these with confidence. The images also won awards, including top photojournalism honors at FotoWeekDC.

Prints range in price and size. There are small prints for just $149, which should allow entry-level collectors to participate. And prices rise up to $895 on the largest panoramic prints, ensuring there are collectibles for even the most-seasoned art buyer.

Where will the money go?

The proceeds will be evenly divided between the hurricane fund being supported by our five former presidents(Carter, Bush one and two, Clinton and Obama) and also to the American Red Cross, which is working in both Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.

I am very grateful that I have been blessed with the talents to create fine art photography prints. Now, I am excited that I can use those gifts to help others who are suffering from these tragedies. But again, I need your help to make this work. Please check-out the print offerings — your art piece will look great in your home or office and will be a reminder that you helped.

Thank you in advance and go here now! 

Robert Dodge

Prints available for purchase to fund disaster relief include portraits and body figures.

Prints from Robert’s Vietnam 40 Years Later project are included in disaster relief portfolio.



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