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Moments of Pure Wet Joy

Tweet                   MANDALAY, Myanmar — Last week marked the beginning of this country’s New Year. And these people know how to throw a party. For four days, they danced, drank a bit and hurled water all over each other during the Thingyan Water Festival. It’s been great […]

Photo Friends Across Borders

Tweet         MANDALAY, Myanmar — When I first began working on my Vietnam 40 Years Later project in 2006, I met a Vietnamese photographer named Ly Hoang Long. I had no idea that Long would not only become a good friend but also would help make my book project a success. Long […]

Myanmar: A Whole New Country to Explore

Tweet                         INLE LAKE,  Myanmar — You have not experienced heat and humidity until you come to this Southeast Asian country. They have two types of weather: Hot and hotter. Nevertheless, my latest photo safari is turning out to be an incredible exploration of […]

An Association that Walks the Talk

Tweet                         LAS VEGAS — First as a journalist and now as a commercial photographer, I have had a lot of contact with non-profit associations over the years. In fact, I was once president of a professional non-profit, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists […]

Students Bring Home the Passion

Tweet                         LAS VEGAS — What happens this week in Las Vegas probably should not stay in Vegas! That’s because one of my favorite clients, the 7,500-member American College Personnel Association, is meeting here and I am lucky to be shooting their conference. This […]

Finding Direction in a Puddle of Sweat and a Shared Video

Tweet     The second of an occasional series WASHINGTON, D.C. — This just in: I am 16 weeks into my weight-loss and fitness program and I have lost 35 pounds. That puts me more than halfway to my goal of 150 pounds. And I have sufficiently reduced my body mass index from being classified […]

So God Made a Farmer

Tweet     WASHINGTON, D.C. — An action-packed Super Bowl game is truly a video type of event. But last night, Chrysler Group LLC chose to use a beautiful series of still photographs in a lengthy, two-minute commercial that will probably be more memorable than any key play or touchdown by either team. Titled, “So […]

Oxygen: Elixir of the Creative

Tweet                           The first of an occasional series WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today is the day that millions of Americans will begin a diet, join a gym and make one more attempt at losing weight, reducing their waistline and getting in shape. Most will […]

Library of Congress Acquires Vietnam Prints

Tweet                         (My studio issued the following news release today.) WASHINGTON, D.C., June 7, 2012 – The Library of Congress has acquired 10 color fine art prints from photographer Robert Dodge’s Vietnam 40 Years Later portfolio, Robert Dodge Photography announced today. The images come […]

Using Photography to Show Your Group’s Passion

Tweet     Louisville, Ky. I am happy to be photo shooting this week for a great organization that makes it possible for so many college students to be successful in student life, academics and ultimately in earning a diploma — the American College Personnel Association. You might think that a professional association’s annual conference […]